Monday, March 14, 2011

Island of Rain

sailed away in a quest for answers
guaranteed with nothing else worthy to conquer
is there any other way to cast off such anger
or to unearth the truth, a sleeping treasure

when the sky echoed an acrimonious roar
so certain of what it meant
a clear sign of which sanctimonious gods have sent
watching the growing distance between them in unrestrained amusement

bitter tongue spoke of fractures
yet, only in silence, it did
for a maiden's sunken secret it forever holds
and the dead man's tale remains untold

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Death by Chocolate

Endorphins, feel free to prevent my nerve cells from releasing more pain signals.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunrise Comes Too Soon

Sunrise following our goodbyes
Following the night like you
Disappeared too soon
But it stays
Hear it in the morning waves
Spinning from the night with you
Underneath the half moon

Close my eyes
And you'll still be here with me
Close my eyes
The sunrise comes too soon

So I lay
Lounging though and endless day
Dreaming of tonight with you
And everything we'll do.
It's just time
From mundane to the sublime
From waiting for tonight with you
Underneath the half moon

Close my eyes
And you'll still be here with me
Close my eyes

Well I might come over
Just to tide me over
Cause the waiting might kill me
If I don't come over
Why does time move slowly
When I'm not with you
And the sunrise comes too soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The ever so capricious fate has taken me for a spin
Just like riding a bullet
There's no guarantee of winning

Emotions, each time, surpassing comprehension
More than just seeking for your undivided attention
You make me, you break me
Good heavens, it's killing me!

But there's nothing much I can do now
Everything about me is parallel to you somehow
I've pretty much succumbed to this spellbinding occurrence
To feed the appetite of a dark-humored predestined event

In my sleep, an impending nightmare looms
There's a decreasing distance from the inevitable doom
Just like how a day would end, the sun would always drown
And reality soon comes slamming me back to the ground

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


in a fickle flow, sails afloat
gently, rapidly, a tiny boat

into a mythical world
one cannot simply utter
multi-hue creatures erratically flutter

droplets of diamonds
cast reflections
a fresco in green
calls forth marvel within

breezing through a spectrum of colors
composing vivid images of extreme delight and fervor
safely inside an obscure place to hide
a drapery of crystal water